WinPopup Gold is used in more than 40 countries, over 500,000 downloads...

    Send, receive messages and chat
                         on your local office network (LAN)

TOP reasons to Buy
safe Safe, no Internet access

for local network Only for your local network

no server need No server need, self setup

Offline messages Send message to offline contact

 Exchange short messages

chat on your lan Chat with your coworkers

 See who is online

Do you have the latest version ?

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Current version is : 6.01

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How to get the latest version ?
Just download the demo version, by clicking here, then install it on all your computers (before to install, quit WinPopup Gold by clicking on menu 'File' then 'Quit').
Note: If you are an existing customer for version 3 or 4 or 5, you need to purchase an upgrade license (contact us for more details).

Version History

Version: 6.01. October 31, 2008

- IMPROVED: When a new message is received, it is automatically displayed if you are not writing a new message.

Version: 6.00. October 13, 2008

- New MAJOR version released
- ADDED: Now you can send messages when contact is offline, when it will connect all messages sent will be re-sent automatically.
- ADDED: New fast way to choose recipient(s) when sending a message
- ADDED: New status mode: On Line, Away, On phone, Custom (with instant customized message)
- ADDED: A backup and restore function for address book, messages history, settings.
- ADDED: If multiple users account under Windows, each one has his own messages history
- ADDED: Address book let you delete multiple contacts
- IMPROVED: When you are composing a message and a new one is received, now the panel is not changed to show the message
- IMPROVED: Your status is better displayed
- ADDED: History panel: when you click on message to read and go back into history the selected line is memorized
- IMPROVED: History message is now on last 1000 messages and let you delete the 500 oldest
- ADDED: History list: when you scroll a tooltip display message
- ADDED: Enable the drag and drop for messages field
- IMPROVED: Changed the default confirmation type by small MSN Style confirmation instead of the message confirmation
- IMPROVED: Some minor improvements have been done.

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