WinPopup Gold is used in more than 40 countries, over 500,000 downloads...

    Send, receive messages and chat
                         on your local office network (LAN)

TOP reasons to Buy
safe Safe, no Internet access

for local network Only for your local network

no server need No server need, self setup

Offline messages Send message to offline contact

 Exchange short messages

chat on your lan Chat with your coworkers

 See who is online

How to order WinPopup Gold

Just select the license you want to order by clicking on 'Click here to order', you will be redirected in the order from, just fill it then select your payment method.
After order process verification you will receive a personal link to download your registered license (delay is only some minutes when payment is by credit card).

Many payment methods are available to order the product:
- Credit card, Paypal, iDEAL, Bank/Wire transfer, Check, Cash , by phone, by fax, by Postmail,...
To get all order information, just click on desired product order, then you will be redirected to the order form information.

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WinPopup Gold orders are processed by our e-commerce partner and global reseller Avangate.
Working with a well-known payment processor handling sales for thousands of software companies world-wide has many benefits.

Order process is available in multiple languages (over 17 languages like English, Fran├žais, German, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,...)
For any questions regarding the order process, just click here.


WinPopup Gold
for 3 computers
only $29
Click here to order

WinPopup Gold
for 10 computers
only $69
Click here to order

WinPopup Gold
for 50 computers
only $149
Click here to order

WinPopup Gold
for UNLIMITED computers
only $199
Click here to order

IMPORTANT NOTE: License for X computers mean you can have X contacts in your address book and the software can be installed on X computers in the same site (office, home,...). For each number of license you can install on the number of computers in the same site.

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